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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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university. the writer was angry about what happened at the university of missouri president and says it will take it out on howard university community. university officials are increasing security on campus and at area metro' spots in response to an online letter. students are frightened and attentive. >> these people are nervous out here. i'm about to go home. reporter: your nervous? >> i'm not super nervous but i feel like it could happen. the way the world is been going lately. reporter: the letter is anonymous. the writer expresses angry at the university of missouri president was forced to resign and he has decided to attack howard and anyone left at your 10:00 tomorrow will be the first ago. >> they say it is not a threat
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he should be worried about. you should still keep your eyes open. reporter: in some cases students canceled classes today. >> there was a refresh of the canceled class. because of the threat. reporter: the president addressed the issue. >> it is something we take seriously is something we do now heavily. the language that was used in the rhetoric of hatred that we think is absolutely inappropriate. reporter: students citing mass shooting incidents say they are being cautious. presidentversity's has said that perhaps the university residence should be getting together to discuss this matter. he says he took his actions out of an abundance of caution. we will hear more from a howard alone, senator elijah cummings of maryland. he has a daughter here and he has concerns. is coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. sam ford, abc 7 news.
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leon: we have got more. another picture making the rounds in social media. librarying from the mlk with a hate symbol. students say it has been cleaned off. there is some candid meeting a rally planned for tonight. we have a crew on the way we will bring you new information tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. meantime, clouds and rain giving way to some beautiful afternoon's. alison: the mild weather will not stick around too long. doug hill in the stormwatch seven weather center for the check on the forecast and the changes coming our way. doug: you will feel the changes tomorrow. strong wind gusts and cooler temperatures. breezy and comfortable temperatures in the 60's. a wind advisory at elevations of 2000 feet and higher west of the metro area. temperatures are nice. 70 at stanton.
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65 in the nation's capital. as we get through the evening the wines will pick up -- winds will pick up out of the south. -- 39-49.rate partly cloudy skies. tomorrow a lot of sun but we will have winds up to 35 most for our. we will -- miles per hour. alison: we have a live look at an accident on the key bridge. no traffic coming in towards georgetown. brianne carter is a mobile track 7 on the virginian side. what you know about this? reporter: you can take a look here in front of mobile track 7. it is brake lights as far as you can see. we are approaching wilson boulevard in arlington. the rosslyn area. we have not been moving.
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another look from our roof camera behind us. that is the traffic started to build. we understand as a result of this accident they are on the key bridge. is a similar situation on both sides of the bridge. we will continue to monitor this in bringing the latest. we are live in mobile track 7. brianne carter, abc 7 news. alison: investigators are trying to figure out what happened before a man was killed walking to his bus. to have an in gainesville. it was right at the intersection of route 29. suzanne kennedy is a live there now. neighbors say this is a dangerous area. this is the bus he was walking to this morning. 's family tells me it was part of a morning routine to either walk or drive the two blocks to the bus. this morning that routine turned fatal. the fatal accident took place 20 minutes before sunrise.
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he was walking from his home to his bus that was part in a nearby church. struckred cadillac cts the 64-year-old who was pronounced dead. >> it's just a blow right now. reporter: family and friends gathered at the victim's house, just yards from where he was struck and killed. >> walking to get the truck. very careful, cautious. it's just unbelievable. reporter: his son said he immigrated from ethiopia and survived to open heart surgeries. he did not know anything happened until police came to their door. just did not know my dad went to work. my brother took my niece to work. reporter: this is a four-lane divided road that some residents say is a hazardous speedway.
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>> people just don't care. you will write you -- ride and i slow way to go faster. >> people zooming right past me. is a dangerous road. police say eyewitnesses told them he was either in the crosswalk or very close to it this morning as he crossed went and holter road. -- linton hall road. the driver was it 39-year-old manassas man. no charges haven't filed. live in gainesville, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: the firefighter behind the wheel in a street race is on a ministry to leave tonight after being charged with murder. this de facto last summer. stephen tschida is live outside of d.c. superior court. what are the details? reporter: about 15 minutes ago
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ryan thompson came out of d.c. superior court. with -- the judge releasing him on high supervision week as he has never had any prior run-ins with the law and he is a d.c. firefighter. now on leave since he is charged with second-degree murder and reckless driving. the charges stem from an alleged street race early in the morning of july 19. thompson and another man are religious do of race of 16th street northwest. witnesses said the two racers reached speeds in the area of 100 miles per hour. vehicle struck the median and spun out of control and landed on a volvo heading the other direction. a young man driving a volvo suffered severe head injuries and died a few days later. murray was injured in the crash and arrested that morning. thompson apparently drove off.
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investigators tracked him down and a grand jury just indicted him. thompson did enter a plea of not guilty. he and murray will be back in court on december 17. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. a judge set the date for david black to stand trial in the murder of his estranged wife. abc 7 was the first station to attain nearly 100 pages of warrants related to this case. jeff goldberg has been sifting through these documents all day. he is live in our satellite center with the newest information. reporter: so much to look through in these court documents unsealed by a judge in arlington this morning. they reveal a deliberate month -long investigation by arlington police into physical and digital evidence, in david black's arrest. it's clear the focus was on
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david black from the day the crime occurred. search warrant's detailed enough the interview with a coworker and friend of bonnie black on april 17. the day she was found stabbed and murder in her home and south arlington. the friend telling investigators that bonnie black expressed here he concerns about david black over the past year. he had been taking money from her, forging checks and conducting bank fraud. the friend says david had is making threatening statements to bonnie. "you will never see the children again," and if you don't maybe tomorrow by noon." she felt as if she was in a "screen" movie -- "scream" movie. while wandering outside the home, the children told a concerned neighbor that "mom is dead." she lived just blocks away from david in court papers show authorities could find no alibi for him during the time of the murder. and a surge of her home after the crime, arlington detectives discovered a distinct shoe impression in the entryway.
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a size 12 boot matching the shoe size of david black. and a warrant from months ago, investigators had not recovered the ninth used in the murder of point out that among typical items once purchased by david black was a folding knife. another search warrant in the case still remained sealed. david black was on the job in late june. we will have details on the warrant coming up soon. david black posey trial is set for late february. lateack's trial is set for february. leon: maryland taking a look at daily fantasy sports betting. they went to make sure sites are operating legally in the state. maryland legalized those games in 2012 but the law there was largely tailored to apply to small social groups that played games all season long. new york state and nevada's attorney general asked them to
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stop taking bets in the states. somen: coming up at 5:00, officers say it was the most horrific scene they have ever we responded to -- ever responded to. what they are doing in the wake of the accident of a church van. >> i've been given the opportunity to serve my country. leon: a local retired army captain they should be to the true heroes. find out who they are just ahead. alison: of former teacher already sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars brings more legal trouble for a local county. 7 on your side tonight as we hit open enrollment season. a panel of experts standing by. you can call with questions at 703-236-9220. leon: keeping a close eye on this accident on the key bridge. you are starting to see cars making their way, crossing over from virginia to georgetown.
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jamie sullivan will have a check on traffic we come back.
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alison: a look at specialist ray brown, honorably discharged in
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1968 after being recognized by his superiors or leadership and professionalism. his daughter jamie sent us his picture in honor of veterans day. he says he is her hero. just one of hundreds of photos that were sent in by viewers like you. you can see the entire gallery at thank you to everyone who sent in a photo. leon: hundreds and hundreds of them. a local hero was honored today with the military's highest honor. leon: president obama placed the medal of honor on his neck at a white house ceremony this morning. the story that goes along with that medal is unbelievable. alison: jonathan to share the story. jonathan: you talk about a humble guy. he stood in the white house today as president obama recounted the heroism he had done in front of all the people there so they could hear the story. it's remarkable because the fact
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he is alive to accept this honor is unbelievable. >> those of the lives he saved. house, hein the white was receiving the highest military recognition. the medal of honor. >> when you are mission and we do our job in the supertex. -- is to protect. jonathan: he and his men were cast with escorting a regular general in afghanistan -- brigadier general in afghanistan. and make it see -- he could see a man wearing a suicide vest bomb. he had man was out here, a mission to kill all of us. >> at that moment he did something extra ordinary. he grabbed the bomber and kept pushing him away. all those years of training on the track and in classrooms, out in the field, all of it came together in those few seconds. he had the instinct and the
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courage to do what was needed. jonathan: the bomb went off. four men in his company killed. he had part of his leg blown off. >> we told him we would say it is like and get him out of there. i put pressure on monday into his small artery. jonathan: after 33 surgeries, his leg was saved. says today is not about him. this honor this day is to remember the people he considers the real heroes of that day. >> this along to the true heroes. they made the ultimate sacrifice and did not come home. [applause] jonathan: a very humble man. he becomes the 10th living recipient of this honor for those that served in afghanistan. 's friend who was also badly and he helped save flo, received the silver star for their -- his heroism.
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leon: great story. of bad story on the key bridge. jamie is watching it for us. jamie: we did have the accident blocking all lanes as you try to get of rosslyn and to georgetown. it is now reopened. let's take a different look to give you a different idea of the traffic. we will get the view from georgetown looking into rosslyn. this is the heavy traffic writer here getting into rosslyn. traffic is moving. for about an hour it was not moving and our big -- building his house here and we saw mobile track 7. brianne carter is in mobile track 7. we saw you barely moving. how is it now? reporter: just a little bit of relief we are seeing. a little bit of movement along the street. just to get maybe two blocks or so, a live look in front of us,
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it took about half an hour. just living two blocks to thisr. on the route you can see behind is the backups that are building approaching the key bridge along the street going towards the key bridge. backups continue. we seen a lot of weaving in and out of traffic. a from look again and you can see traffic trying to merge into one lane. or merge into a couple of lanes. people coming out of the turn lanes and try to get back into this thoroughfare lanes onto the key bridge. we are starting to see a little bit of movement that is very slow going. leon: good luck out there. alison: a ripple effect from the area. we have got weather that is still pretty mild. it will be changing. doug: we have the rain this morning which is like running 300 miles ahead of the cold front. that cold front will come through about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. tomorrow the cooler air will the coming in.
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it will be windy and in the chilly air arrives on saturday. let's get started with a time lapse. still 63 degrees right now. you can see the cloud cover early this morning. the time lapse in motion for you and we have clouds and a few showers late morning. and in the showers moved out and the skies cleared. we are sitting pretty with clear skies. it will not get colder until tomorrow night. that's the way this system is going to work out. ahead of the front we have a strong wind gusts of up to thousand feet were a wind advisory is in effect. it will be windy but not windy enough to have a wind advisory. we have winds up to 15-25 miles per hour. enjoy these temperatures. 61 in chevy chase. 59 at anacostia right now. very comfortable numbers. temperatures are turning a bit cooler behind the cold front. 51 in columbia's -- columbus in indianapolis.
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it's a little colder than average. that cooler air will come slighting our way tomorrow. the reason is being slowed is because of a big storm system over michigan causing strong southwesterly wind ahead of it. behind the storm we are seeing the winds out of the west-northwest. 35 in detroit. we are seeing those kind of gusts in our neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. satellite shows the storm system and snow in northeastern sections of the arrowhead avenue minnesota and upper michigan. the system will move northeast into quebec in canada and the st. lawrence river valley. we are on the southern end so we will see sunshine all whole lot sooner. the wind speeds in this model show sustained wind speeds, not what the gusts are. a one minute average wind speed will still be about 20 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. wind will be gusting through tomorrow afternoon and saturday evening that there will be --
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they will be a little diminished. temperatures will be a whole lot cooler. tomorrow we will be around 60 which is nice. strong, gusty winds throughout the day. over the next seven days the chilly air arrives. breezy and sunny but highs only about 53 degrees. sunday looks great. monday, tuesday the same story. plot the sun but a deliberate warming trend gets underway monday through friday of next week. a chance of rain will be thursday. 66 and a 30% chance. i will guess with highs of 66 we have 0% chance of snow. [laughter] a bold forecast. leon: the u.s. capitol's christmas tree is making its cross-country trip to d.c. alison: also, we still have thanksgiving before been get to
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christmas. find out while you will be paying -- why you will be paying more for turkeys this year. leon: first, some birth control might not be 100% effective. the cost of raising a child from the age of 18.
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reporter: we are talking about open enrollment season. very busy and help center. the phone number to call if you have any questions about health insurance and how you can sign up is 703-236-9220. 703-236-9220. we will be here from now until about 6:30. leon: did me to step on you force. the of breaking news involving another scandal within the secret service. cnn reports an officer was arrested after allegedly sending ked pictures to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. it was actually a delaware state police detective. the officer accused is lee robert more. he was assigned to the white house for now he is out on a minister to leave. alison: still the geomet 5:00, are you feeling a little sensitive? a look at some of the topics that seem to be hitting a nerve as we head into the holiday season. leon: first --
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sues policefamily' after what occurred in a video. reporter: allegations in a new civil lawsuit. reporter: allegations in a new civil lawsuit. i'
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get out of the past. get fios. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. alison: this could be the first
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in a series of lawsuits against montgomery county schools. the lawyer for presenting one family who says the system ignored the warning signs of a teacher using students to produce child porn is only speaking with abc 7 about the case. kevin lewis has the story. >> shocked and horrified by the allegations. reporter: attorney joe williams taking aim at montgomery county for the schools. joined --d pedophile was a former music teacher who used his students to create child porn in an elevator school in silver spring. williams is revisiting to victims now in their early teens. he routinely lured young female students into his classroom. he would lock the door and cover the windows. it says that alone should've raised questions about his activities. taking andol was not
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appropriate photographs of these children. with this school was doing was allowing that to happen. reporter: they issued a seven word statement saying "we do not comment on pending litigation." williams now making clear his conch -- clients a deep internal scars. >> they are afraid to be alone. afraid of men. afraid of male teachers. are afraid of relationships with men. they are thinking about getting married and having children. they are terrified. reporter: police say joyce photographed at least 14 girls. oo far there have been tw civil cases filed in there may be more to come. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: and health matters news, more than 100 women are suing companiesies -- four
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after taking mislabeled birth-control pills. women in 28 states are seeking millions in damages. reporter: a birth-control pill packaging mixup has led to 113 women across 28 states to see the companies that either may are packaged the pills claiming they got pregnant. and the lawsuit is a pills from that's were packaged in the wrong order, rotated 180 degrees so the placebo pills were taken at the wrong time of the month. they left women without adequate contraception. >> that could result in two entire weeks of no hormonal suppression and therefore conception can occur. reporter: they are seeking millions and dollars in damages. some asking for the total cost of raising a child, including education. this error led to a 2011 fda recall. mislabeling -- contraceptives. company: the parent
5:33 pm
also mentioned in the suit tells abc news is a top priority. a voluntary recall occurred based on an extremely small number of pill packs manufactured by an external contract manufacturer. doctors also remind women that the pill is not 100% effective. >> with typical use, birth control pills 70% failure rate. -- have an 8% failure rate. reporter: this is a reminder that not every pill is the same. is important enough other birth-control works. leon: another major lawsuit making news. we are waiting on an update from a hearing in the death of a virginia man while in police custody. relatives are suing for $25 million. they are setting excessive force and a violation of his civil rights. he was picked up by south boston virginia police at a motel two years ago after actually strangely -- acting strangely.
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police used stun guns on and 20 times what he was handcuffed and shackled and later died in jail. >> he was in handcuffs in the case in one time and he was on the ground. it's over. it is done. there is no reason to subject this gentleman to further punishment, to further tasing. leon: than autopsy report said his death was a cute cocaine intoxication. alison: capitol police investigating a suspicious vehicle. stephen tschida just arrived on capitol hill. reporter: we are right at third in pennsylvania. this stretch behind the heading towards the capital is pennsylvania avenue. you can see we have the sidewalk cordoned off. this entryway into pennsylvania avenue cordoned off. no one coming or going.
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the traffic backed up around here. we've been talking to some of the people i hear. they are moving us away. as you look down 3rd street you can see police vehicles according off the sidewalk as well. a lot of tension. we have not been able to determine exactly what is the -- i believe you just heard a bit more information. it's coming. the car is parked in a space, it has some other vehicles. it rolled into another's face it hit other vehicles. the bomb squad has moved in just out of an abundance of caution. this whole situation because of an abundance of caution because of the situation. the proximity to the u.s. capitol building. that the latest from down here. .we will keep you up-to-date as we keep monitoring the situation stephen tschida, abc 7 news. leon: nice work getting down there so quickly.
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coming up on news at 5:00, 7 on your side to answer questions about open enrollment. our panel of experts will be in the health center until 6:30 tonight. 703-236-9220. reporter: they are pitching in in a time of need. coming up, how police are helping
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steve: it looks pretty nice out there. 53 for a high tempature on saturday. looking for a good amount of sunshine. the winds will subside on sunday with a highs around 60 degrees. abc 7 news
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reporter: we do have a liner to open at 703-236-9220. jump in and get your questions answered about open enrollment season. all these folks from the walker clinic are here to answer your questions.
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703-236-9220. we will be here from now until about 6:30. leon: thanks for us. trust them to me life-and-death decisions but some doctors have secrets the could have a big impact on their judgment. joce sterman is you do explain how. reporter: we talked with hundreds of local doctors -- some even jerking on the job. drugs. them abusing leon: hang on a second josie. we are having a problem with her microphone. we will see if we get that straightened out. havetory is that they found hundreds of local doctors and have issues with drinking on the job.
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therter: on joce sterman -- team found hundreds of local doctors dealing with substance abuse, some even trading on the job. having wine in their cars during
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-- between procedures. their behavior is something the doctors in the state may keep secret from you. is in a blackng secret box in terms of the public. ♪ reporter: tonight at 11:00, the 7 on your side team investigates doctors dealing with addiction. hundreds of physicians. we discovered that goes of -- those that go into the state program done at the disclosed information when they go to treatment. research is shown those doctors can go safely back to work. >> you might say that is easy for you to say, you are not putting yourself at risk.
5:45 pm
.oh, yes i am my position is an addictive physician entries my grandchildren as well. i'm very comfortable with him because i know he is not going to be using substances. reporter: tonight at 11:00 we will tell you how i medical addicted doctors to keep you safe but some experts say those methods just don't work. we have the disturbing stories we uncovered in records pulled out of the state of doctors behaving ravi on the job. that is and eight at 11:00. -- that is tonight at 11:00. alison: another note about the holidays. the christmas tree for the u.s. capitol is now making its way across america. its most recent stop was rapid city, south dakota. is from a national force in alaska and it is set to arrive at the capital a little bit later this month. 12 butt's only november
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if i ceased to be brewing over this holiday season. the good in the bad about coffee cups and what is written on sweaters. people are debating how early holiday decorations and music should start. brianne carter is gauging this year's holiday sensitivity. ♪ is it too soon? it's not quite the middle of november and already the sounds of the season are on the radio. christmas decorations are popping up in stores all over town. >> i think it is just too soon. i don't think about christmas until after thanksgiving. reporter: some people are not so cheery about some christmas time products. first, the starbucks red cup controversy. now growing conversation over a sweater being sold at target. this letter says "ocd: obsessive christmas disorder>" some believe it's a play on words and others believe it's making fun of a serious disorder.
5:47 pm
doesn't bother me at all. >> i don't have an issue with it. reporter: some folks say our culture has become too sensitive. >> is the holiday season. be happy. make up new things. ♪ reporter: especially at a time when we're supposed to be in the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ reporter: brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: today's twitter poll is asking if you think people are too easily offended by too much or too little holiday cheer. let us know what you think. alison: now a 7 on your side consumer alert about a different holiday, thanksgiving. the turkey could cost you a little bit more this year. prices are expected to rise 15%-20%.
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is being caused on the bird flu which infected millions of birds earlier this year. the average price per pound is $1.37, up about six cents from last year. we have had a mess of their on the roads. jamie: it continues. mobile track 7 is giving you a preview and this is the traffic in d.c. on pennsylvania avenue. you can see the flashing lights that have blocked off because of a suspicious package investigation. they are doing this currently. let's move to the map and talk about the stretch closed from first street to 3rd street. all lanes are blocked. we also have a bus fire. may be a double-decker bus. .the fire is now out 23rd street northwest blocked. h street to i street northwest.
5:49 pm
they are still doing some investigating in this area. let's take a live look at the key bridge. we have the earlier issue or the key bridge was close to know was because of an accident that had all lanes blocked. it is now reopened but we are still seeing a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic in that stretch from rosslyn getting towards georgetown. expect delays. back to you. alison: i don't know what is going on out there. it's like every corner of town. wweather isst the holding up. doug: the winds will start gusting tomorrow. at the moment we have a wind advisory was to the metro area in the higher elevations above 2000 feet. tomorrow we have no advisory for winds but it will be gusty, up to 35 miles per hour. look at the evening temperatures. upper 50's, still 63 at springfield. 59 degrees up through chevy chase.
5:50 pm
through the evening we see temperatures drop. by early tomorrow morning we have areas across the measure into the 40's. the higher elevations out west probably in the upper 30's but it will take a while. the cold front will not cross the region until tonight and in the cooler air will start coming in tomorrow afternoon. cold air search the poor in tomorrow night. it will not turn into winter with a combination of cooler, drier air and the gusty windss will make it feel chilly out there. 45 degrees is the average temperature in the morning. 55 as we get to midday. . 60 degrees in the afternoon and as we headed the nextseven days, saturday will be breezy and very chilly highs around 50 degrees with sunshine. monday and tuesday, wednesday, thursday a nice warming trend. temperatures well above average for the next week. back to you. alison: we love warming trends. leon: we have local teens it did pretty well last year. alison: they are looking to
5:51 pm
build off of that success must year after a memorable run to the elliptic and championship and the first ncaa tournament appearance in seven years. the gwn's festival team is poised for an encore. the team credits a unique tracking system as part of its success. >> together on three. they utilize a system called the colonial energy rating. >> so many statistics and basketball. e think we wanted to measure was the put togetherness of the team. the energy is mentioned in the rating. erin: the team keeps track of things like high fives. >> they came from when the dallas mavericks for the miami heat in the nba finals. someone went back and measured that and the impact it had on the mavericks. erin: the colonial energy rating is monitored on a computer so the players and coaches can keep
5:52 pm
track and factor in what variables they need to work on. >> i don't know the exact equation but they do of these little tallies and a formula and they put it together each week at each state to see who was winning and who was high on the board. hey, this person is doing it and i need to step up. >> i think it lead to something that became second nature and they don't sit there. . is never a forced high-five erin: is that energy they hope will carry them further into the ncaa tournament this year. >> it's never going to be handed to us. everything is earned. gw was the first university in the country to use this tracking system. now other colleges are starting to do the same thing. today is guinness world record day in this little dog named otto has broken the record for skateboarding through the longest human tunnel. he shifts his weight back in force. even puts a little pop into it.
5:53 pm
right there through the legs of 30 people. he was presented a nice subtle certificate after all the hard work. i want to adopt him. i'm sure his owners don't want to get rid of him but he is so cute. alison: funny. we all know those gofundme accounts. they are nothing new. find out who will be picking up the lion's share for the victims in the accident involving a church van. stay with us. alison: 7 on your side on your side tonight to talk about open enrollment. we have a team of experts to help you make heads or tails of all the confusing options out there. you can speak with one of them on her health center by calling this number, 703-236-9220. the phone lines will be open until 6:30.
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alison: breaking news. a bus on fire in the foggy bottom neighborhood. this was posted on social media a short time ago. d.c. police are telling us there are no reports of any injuries. traffic is a mess. is the area of 23rd and i street. i believe it is a double-decker bus on fire. abc 7 stay with. the left update as soon as they become available. five people, including an unborn baby died in a horrific crash over the weekend. that arehe people police officers that respondent conduct one of the worst they ever seen. brad bell shows us what some of those officers are doing now to help. reporter: the crash, horrific. a pickup truck slams into a crowded church van. . five are killed, including a
5:58 pm
six-year-old and an unborn child. 14 others severed terrible injuries. . even first responders are shaken >> this is one of the worst accident scenes some of these guys have been to, including -- reporter: he says the said his group is officers learned of the extent of the suffering. >> that is when it sinks in. reporter: baseball church with daily happy congregation in the van. four families devastated, children burned. karen merchant lost both her grandparents. >> i just need some help. reporter: the church set of this gofundme page to help wi expenses. it is complete with photos of the injured. ?guess what it was police officers that donated the first $1000 and they have been getting all day. some anonymously. some and their spouses names. the fund is growing tonight in large part thanks to the generosity of cops. >> they wanted to do something
5:59 pm
to kind of keep giving to help not only themselves with the families. reporter: the pastor was not available for on camera, today. he does say that his 45-person pairs cannot meet all of the needs. he is deeply grateful for all of this support. brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now with breaking news. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. maureen: we are following to breaking stories tonight. the first is affecting the evening rush-hour. leon: capital police are investigating a suspicious vehicle blocks in the capital. stephen tschida is there. you have been on the scene for half an. hour what are you hearing? reporter: this is what we can tell you. we are on pennsylvania avenue between third in the u.s. capital. the vehicle is parked behind me,
6:00 pm
very close to the capital. it is parked precariously. enrolled into another vehicle and this is what sparked concern. this stretch of pennsylvania is cordoned off. a number of sidewalks -- you can see we have some members of the media but also a lot of people who are waiting to get down pennsylvania avenue. that is where a number of people parked their vehicles. we do understand the bomb detection robot is on the scene and moving in, exploring that vehicle. the quest is on to try to find the owner or whoever is responsible for this vehicle. still a tense situation and i can tell you that traffic is a mess around here. mobile track 7 is out and about in traffic to keep the updated on the impact from the situation. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. leon: the other story comes in the white house where secret service agent -- officer has been arrested for disturbing crimes against children. maureen:


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